Harcourt Health Hub helps supports individuals in achieving their goals, living independently and providing everyday care services. Our tailored support packages are designed to help individuals live better lives, gain life skills and live a healthy and comfortable life.

We are available 365 days of the year, and 24 hours a day. Whether you need two hour-long visits every day or just a 30-minute visit once a week, we can accommodate your needs.

What services do we offer?

Domiciliary Care

Offering you help in the comfort of your own home with personal tasks such as washing, dressing, ironing and laundry.

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Live In Care

Dedicated care team members who will come and live in your home to support and care for you day and night.

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Aspergers and Autism

We provide specialist care for individuals with Aspergers and Autism in residential care homes, private residents or hospitals.

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Mental Health Support

Supporting individuals with mental health conditions by providing recovery pathways and encouraging independence.

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Learning Disabilities

Here to help, support and empower people suffering from learning disabilities to enable them to reach full their potential.

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Respite Care

We provide carers the opportunity to take a break from their caring responsibilities. This maybe for a few hours a week or other periods whether planned in advance or in an emergency. Respite care may be provided in an individual’s home, care home or hospital.

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End Of Life Care

We understand the difficulty and distress that the news that you are reaching the end of your life may cause and physical and emotional well being. There can be no words or action that can make receiving or living with such news easy.

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